Welcome to My Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! I am so excited for you to be here!

To me, the kitchen is the centre of every home. Growing up it was always a hubbub of activity and excitement, providing nourishment both physical and emotional. In the kitchen is where I learned to make my first ever balanced meal (pork chops in a mushroom sauce with rice and some vegetable I cannot remember, which I think is pretty good for a 12 year old!), and where my family would support me through both my successes and my challenges. To me, the kitchen should be a supportive area in the home, where people are able to open up, try new things, and overcome barriers. That is why I want to open my kitchen up to you!

Guiding and supporting people has always been a passion of mine. Ask any of my dance students… my aim is to help you be the greatest version of you, whatever you decide that looks like. Because really, you are the only one in charge of your own life. My practice reflects that. Should you decide that you need some personalized nutrition coaching, I will move at your pace, working towards goals that you set. But don't think that I won't still push you to overcome barriers and challenges!! Conquering your obstacles is key to creating changes that will make a difference to your health. I just promise to push you only to where you aspire to be. 

Starting a private practice has always been a dream of mine... and now I am (finally) making that dream come true. Crave Health and Nutrition Inc will be the place to find out what I am up to, how to get in touch with me and the home of this blog.

In this blog I will be discussing common nutrition issues, presenting exciting new inspirational tips and tricks for leading your healthiest life and sharing delicious, easy recipes for you to enjoy. Including a blog as part of my private practice, wasn’t my first idea, as I don’t think of myself as an astounding writer, however I wanted to create a place for people to find inspiration, assistance, and comradery no matter their situation. Please be patient as I hack my way through learning about this jungle that is the blogging world, and if anyone has any wisdom... Please share! 

I hope that my blog can be a place where you can find inspiration, and that my practice can be a place that you come to when you need some individualized guidance. 

Humbly yours,