Welcome to Crave Health and Nutrition!


Do you crave a healthy, active lifestyle? One where you feel energized, fit and can eat guilt-free?

Meet Kyla, a Calgary-based Registered Dietitian focused on providing realistic, personalized nutrition coaching to help you reach your unique health goals. 

With her passion for balancing flavour and health in recipes (and in life), and her experience in lifestyle coaching, Kyla can help you build your healthiest version of YOU!


What Is Crave Health and Nutrition Inc?

Crave Health and Nutrition Inc. is a dietitian-owned nutrition coaching company based in Calgary, AB, Canada. Founder Kyla Gallant-Sova RD, will provide realistic, evidence-based, personalized nutrition education to adolescents, families and adults. With a nutrition philosophy that balances flavour and health, Kyla helps clients to reach their own version of personal health, energy and performance goals. When it comes to planning your lifetime of health and nutrition, Kyla asks "What do you Crave?".